& Faster

Only 790g in weight, S1 is still packaged with the magnesium alloy shell. High integrated
design, smaller and lighter, fully consider surveyors needs. Easy carry and pack with its
handy size

LED indicators

The colorful LED indicators can briefly show the current status.

Tracking Satellites:

Green Indicator flashes when tracking satellites.


Red indicator will on when receiver turning on.

External power:

when connecting to external power, Red indicator will on.if the battery has been fully charged, Green Indicator will on.


Blue Indicator will on when connecting.

Receiving corrections:

When receiving corrections,green Indicator flashes, otherwise the Red indicator flashes


One click press to know battery remain capacity. Without connecting to any
software, without logging in to WEBUI to know battery status by a simple press.

Work mode, Datalink, Channel number easy to know by its voice indication.

All these smart indications were designed to increase the working efficiency.

for tilt survey

S1 epuipped with the latest Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Featured with
anti-magnetic characteristic, you can start the tilt survey in any place. Shaking
to initialize the IMU sensor, no need to calibrate. Up to 100Hz IMU data output
rate, down to 2cm accuracy.

battery life

Because of the latest SOC technology, S1 achieves higher performance and
lower power consumption. The built-in 6800mAh Li-ion battery can
continuously work 15 hours(Rover Bluetooth mode).

It adopts Type-C charging interface which supports PD protocol quickly
charging, the battery can be fully charged in 3 hours and then supports full-day

Now S1 also supports the external phone portable battery, to continue the work
even internal battery is used.

by SoC technology

S1 is a new product from SANDING SoC platform, most components of C7 (GNSS
module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) are integrated on one circuit board. C7 has lower
power consumption, and efficiently improves the ability of receiving higher quality
satellites signals.


Powered by the new ROS GNSS board, new generation sensitivity satellite
antenna, new ROS platform and GNSS RTK engine, S1 can fully track GPS,
GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO and QZSS toobtain centimeter-level positioning in few

It supports the BeiDou-3 B2b L-band BDS-PPP corrections to get real-time
centimeter level positioning services.


Thanks to the new function “IFixed”, now it is possible for S1 to keep centimeterlevel accuracy for few minutes when the RTK corrections is missing.


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